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At some point in our lives, we realize that one thing we resist the most doing, is the one thing we are born to do… we must do! I am at that point in my life. So, I am heeding the call and setting sails on a new voyage. 

I am really excited to announce that I am moving into working with women even in a more powerful and deeper way. My new focus is LEADERSHIP! 

But not just leadership. My new focus is personal and professional FEARLESS FEMALE LEADERSHIP. I am focusing on being a catalyst for women to become fearless and fulfilled leaders both in their personal and professional lives; leading fearlessly and boldly; inspiring, motivating and transforming. I am focusing on creating a global movement about women unleashing the fearless female leader within! 

To that end, I will no longer be offering individual intuitive readings/angel guidance channeling, but this part of my work will become a part of the bigger work I will be doing with Female Leaders. 

At this point, you might be wondering if you belong to this new “tribe” I will be working with. Well, if you are a WOMAN and whether you are a stay at home mother, a corporate executive, a mid-level manager, or a member of the armed Forces deployed overseas AND you have the desire to lead a meaningful, purposeful life where you create a life of your choosing; a work that inspires, motivates and transforms, YOU DO BELONG to this new “TRIBE”!

Imagine for a moment what this means for you! Building a solid and inspiring personal leadership is critical to not only your personal life but to your professional life as well. And Personal Leadership is the leadership of the self. It is your ability to determine the direction of your life and leadership (if you are working outside the home) and move in that direction purposefully, mindfully and with clarity. 

Personal leadership is where it all starts. It is the foundation on which you build your professional leadership. So, now can you see yourself belonging to this tribe? 

If yes, join the new tribe by using the sign up form on the right so that we stay connected.  Especially if you are: 

  • Having a hard time establishing boundaries so that you can practice self-care, 
  • Having a difficult time trusting your own inner wise-self
  • So exhausted at the end of the day that you have no energy to do anything else than to sleep or drop in front of the TV
  • You are saying “YES” when you want to say “NO” and resenting it
  • You are dreading going to work even though you worked so hard to get where you are
  • You feel you are not using all your potential
  • You feel unheard and under valued 
  • You are so stressed out that you are not mentally present with your loved ones.

If you answered yes, to one or more of the questions above, you want to join the tribe by subscribing to our mailing list! 

What qualifies me to step out and do this work? My intuitive work is not the only passion I have. I hold an MS degree in Public and Human Service Administration and have been the executive director of a local nonprofit since 2006 all the while I have been doing my intuitive work. 

Furthermore, as a female leader, I have been in various leadership roles for over 20 years and leading at the executive level for 14 years of those 20 years. I know firsthand what it takes to create my own brand of personal leadership. Once I realized that my personal leadership and the way I lead my own life determines how I lead at work, everything changed. I can, proudly, tell you that I like the leader that I am and I work on becoming every day. I love to inspire and mentor the emerging leaders on my staff! The joy I feel when I watch the emerging leaders I work with grow stronger and shine brilliantly is indescribable. 

I am a fearless woman leader and I am on fire! 

I want to light up the fire that has been waiting to be ignited within you as well! So, if you are a woman and ready to unleash that fearless female leader within, then join me!



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