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Nukhet Hendricks

Nonconformist . Truth Seeking Spiritual Rebel . Intuitive

Spirituality on your own terms

 Spiritual guidance to connect you to your heart and soul

Welcome to my home away from home! My Soul Place. I am a noncorformist, truth seeking spiritual rebel intuitive.  I believe living a life that is lead by my own inner wisdom because we' ve never had access to as much information as we have today...and yet...we are starving for WISDOM!  

Listening to the wisdom of others did not always fulfilled me! Actually more often than not it left me unfulfilled and wanting. That's when I realized the only truth for me is the truth in my heart!   Searching my own truth lead me to reconnect to the wisdom within; that divine voice so subtle and so lovingly quiet that I could only hear when I quieted the outside noises.  And a noncorformist, truth seeking spiritual rebel I became.  

If you are still reading this and lead, would I dare say there is a bit of a "spiritual rebel" inside you as well?  Would you too be searching your own truth?  Desiring to affirm that what you know to be true for you is really your inner wisdom, your divine knowing speaking to you? 

If that is the case you came to the right place!   I can assist you with an intuitive reading privately or in a group reading to connect you to your inner wisom. 

When I do a reading for a client, I am the channel who delivers all the messages you are ready to hear and in your highest good! At the end of the session, you will feel  loved, affirmed and connected to your inner knowing. 

So come and take a walk with me. Allow me to be your bridge to the divine; your companion on your sacred journey to living connected.   I will assist you to fly high, soar and shine brilliantly in your own life!  

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